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On Chanukah We Rekindle our Commitment To Justice

December 18, 2019

As Jewish communities approach Chanukah, the festival of lights, on Dec. 22nd, Jews Say No! and friends joined together in NYC to rekindle our commitment to challenge Islamophobia and racist violence, both interpersonal and state-sponsored, and to be partners in the broader struggle for justice and dignity for all.



We pledge to work urgently for climate justice, which is inextricably connected to our movements for racial and economic justice. 

We resist all forms of injustice from the US to Palestine. 

We stand against misogyny, homophobia, and transphobia in all their forms.

We will not be silent about the White Supremacy and White Nationalism in our government and in our streets. Never Again means never again for anybody. 


We fight anti-Muslim & racial profiling and institutionalized racism & anti-Black violence in all their forms. 

We stand strong with immigrant and refugee communities fighting for dignity and justice. 

We stand against US policies, driven by the “war on terror,” that demonize Islam, and devalue, target, and kill Muslims.

We challenge Islamophobia, antisemitism, and anti-Black racism and all forms of injustice and violence against any community.


and in Los Angeles


and in South Florida


South Florida

We call on the Jewish Communal Fund to Defund Islamophobia

January 16, 2019

Read the Defund Islamophobia report here.

Jews Say No! And Granny Peace Brigade take the #SaltWaterChallenge in solidarity with Palestinian hunger strikers

May 23, 2017

The Salt Water Challenge

Today, there are 6300 Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli prisons; this number includes 300 children and 500 administrative detainees (those imprisoned without charge or trial).

Since April 17, Palestinian Prisoners Day, more than 1500 of these political prisoners have engaged in an open-ended hunger strike. Today is Day #37. These prisoners have refused to eat food, only consuming salt water to maintain their health, until the Israeli government meets their demands for basic human rights as stipulated by the Geneva Convention. Freedom and dignity are universal rights inherent in humanity – to be enjoyed by all human beings.

The demands of these hunger strikers include:

  1. An end to administrative detention
  2. An end to solitary confinement
  3. An end to the denial of family visits
  4. Access to proper medical care and treatment, and
  5. The right to access distance higher education

On Monday, May 22,  Jews Say NO! and the Granny Peace Brigade stood in the rain at Broadway and 96th Street in NYC to join a growing, worldwide, social media campaign – #SaltWaterChallenge – to draw attention to the plight of Palestinian political prisoners. As supporters of these hunger-strikers, we drank salt water to stand in solidarity with those who refuse a life of humiliation.

Now, we challenge you to do the same.




We will boycott Israel until it ends human rights abuses against Palestinians

June 10, 2016

Protesters told Cuomo: We will boycott Israel until it ends human rights abuses against Palestinians

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New Yorkers demonstrated outside the Governor’s office after he signed an unconstitutional executive order against using boycotts to advocate for an end to Israel’s human rights abuses.

Thursday June 9, 2016–Hundreds of New Yorkers demonstrated outside Governor Cuomo’s Midtown offices, outraged by the Governor’s unconstitutional executive order requiring the state to create a blacklist and divest from corporations and institutions that support the Palestinian-led boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement targeting Israel. Protesters carried signs that read “We will continue to stand for justice and boycott Israel until the Palestinian people achieve freedom, justice, and equality,” in defiance of the attempt to repress the growing movement for Palestinian rights.

Demonstrators called on Governor Cuomo to rescind his executive order.


“We act in solidarity with the Palestinian call for international grassroots pressure on Israel until it complies with international law and ends its ongoing repression of Palestinian rights. We will continue to boycott Israel until Palestinian children can live without fear of imprisonment and torture, until there are no longer separate roadways for Israeli Jews and Palestinians, until Israel stops bombing and killing Palestinians, and until the checkpoints and apartheid wall are dismantled,” said Gabrielle Spears, Jewish Voice for Peace.

Riham Barghouti from Adalah-NY commented, “Like other politicians, Governor Cuomo is finding that blind support of the Israeli apartheid state requires repressive, undemocratic measures. He is attempting to silence the growing number of morally conscientious individuals and organizations that support freedom, justice and equality for Palestinians. We, along with our allies, demand that Governor Cuomo rescind this order punishing supporters of Palestinian rights and BDS.”

“Governor Cuomo’s McCarthyite order calls for a publicly available blacklist of all companies and institutions that support using boycotts to bring about justice for Palestinians,” said Nic Abramson, Jews Say No! “This is a new low for the state-sanctioned backlash against the movement for Palestinian human rights–a movement that is growing and strengthening daily,” he added.

This executive order comes at a time of growing recognition that external pressure will be needed to end Israel’s occupation and repression of Palestinian rights and establish the conditions of equality that are necessary for a just and lasting peace.

BDS is under attack by politicians in Israel, France, the US, and other European countries attempting to impose laws to repress and even outlaw the growing movement for justice. The Israeli government has threatened Palestinian organizers of the BDS movement with “elimination” and effectively imposed a travel ban on one of the movement’s founders, Omar Barghouti.

In the US, bills to limit BDS activities have been introduced in over 20 states, and have been passed in 9 states. Prior to Cuomo’s executive order, two bills to punish BDS supporters had stalled in the New York legislature due to questions about their constitutionality and opposition from New Yorkers who support BDS and are concerned about the threat of the legislation to their civil liberties.

The Palestinian-led civil society BDS movement is modeled on the global campaign that helped bring an end to apartheid in South Africa. Through boycott and divestment from companies profiting from Israel’s oppression of the Palestinian people, boycott of complicit cultural and academic institutions, and sanctions targeting Israel, the movement aims to pressure Israel to respect the basic rights of the Palestinian people, whether living under Israeli military occupation, as unequal citizens within Israel, or as refugees denied their right of return.



October 7, 2014

October 6, 2014

Press Release



Protest in Front of Their Offices to Last Eight Hours

 New York City  Today, a coalition of more than twenty community groups will stand from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. in front of the New York City offices of Senators Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand (780 Third Avenue) to protest their ongoing support for the Israeli government’s systematic violations of the Palestinian people’s basic human rights and their refusal to meet with constituents who do not support these policies. (See letter being delivered to the Senators this morning

“Senator Schumer has repeatedly supported Israeli government aggression against the Palestinian people, including the latest assault on the Palestinians of Gaza,” said Candace Graff from Jewish Voice for Peace-NY, one of the co-sponsors of the day’s protest. “And both senators have failed to seek enforcement of laws requiring U.S. funding to be cut off to units of a country’s armed forces that have committed a ‘gross violation of human rights.’”  This law, known as the “Leahy Law,” applies to the Department of Defense and the State Department.

During Israel’s most recent assault on Gaza this summer, the Israeli military killed more than 2,100 Palestinians, at least 1,400 of them civilians, according to the UN, including 500 children. Human rights groups such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have documented numerous instances in which Israeli forces violated the laws of war, employing disproportionate, reckless, and indiscriminate violence against the occupied and besieged population of Gaza, including attacks on hospitals, schools, and mosques, and the destruction of thousands of homes and civilian infrastructure. The coalition demands that both of New York’s senators hold Israel accountable to the letter and spirit of the Leahy Law, and support the holding of hearings to apply these laws to Israel, as to other human rights violators.

This protest is part of a broader movement gaining momentum worldwide. It is bringing together people from multiple communities who share a common commitment to justice and human rights. As articulated by Mohammad Hamad from The New School’s Students for Justice in Palestine, one of the day’s endorsing groups: “From Ferguson to Palestine, communities are joining one another to challenge oppressive structures and re-commit ourselves to stand for justice and against all manifestations of racism and bigotry.”

Today is a day to make these voices heard.

The day’s demonstration and events are co-sponsored by Jewish Voice for Peace/NY and Jews Say No! and endorsed by Adalah NYBrooklyn ForPeaceCenter for Constitutional RightsCODEPINK NYC; CUNY4Palestine; Defense for Children InternationalPalestine; ; Direct Action Front for Palestine (DAFP); Granny Peace Brigade; JVP-Westchester; Middle East Crisis ResponsePalestinian Rights Committee of Upper Hudson PeaceActionPalestine sub-committee, NationalLawyers Guild; Northern Manhattan Neighbors for Peace and Justice; Queers Against Israeli Apartheid; Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) Brooklyn CollegeSJP College of Staten Island; SJP SUNY New Paltz; SJP The New School; Veterans for Peace, Woodstock, NY chapter 058; World Can’t Wait; WESPAC FoundationWE WILL NOT BE SILENTWomen in Black Union Square.

Not in our Name

January 12, 2009


We are Jews who say “Not in Our Name” to the Israeli Government.

We call for:
-an immediate end to the massacre of the Palestinian people
-an immediate end to the blockade of Gaza
-immediate steps taken to end the Israeli occupation

We stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people, with protesters in Israel who are bravely opposing the brutality of their government, and with all those around the world calling for justice and peace in the Middle East.

To add your name to this statement, e-mail


Nicholas Abramson
Judith Ackerman
Mina Alkani
Alex Alland
Sonia Alland
Amanda Altman
Laurie Arbeiter
Electa Arenal
Daniel Armaelo
Jane Atchison-Nevel
Elaine Avidon
Alan Lechusza Aquallo
Maher Awartani
Eleanor J. Bader
Dena Barbara
Miriam Barnard
Rosalyn Baxandal
Doucha Belgravel
Cathy Bell
David Benzaquen
Robert Bloom
Steve Bloom
Richard Blum
William Blum
Sascha Bollag
Naomi Braine
Renate Bridenthal
Mary B. Brosnan
Michelle Brotman
Elaine Brower
Hope Brustein
Elly Bulkin
Deanne Burke
Naomi Bushman
Jessie Cagan
Leslie Cagan
Jane Califf
Channa Camins
Eric Camins
Lina Cartei
Melissa Clark
Esther Cohen
Sam Coleman
Richard Congress
Ann Cook
Adam Cooper
Michael A. Cooper
Rhonda Copelon
David Copley
Nicole Crook
Lynda Crowley
Elyse Crystall
Tyler Cullis
Julie Diamond
Ken Diamondstone
David Dubnau
Jesse Ehrensaft-Hawley
Luise Eichenbaum
Gina Eichenbaum-Pikser
Jake Eichenbaum-Pikser
Rabbi Susan Einbinder
Carolyn Eisenberg
Nora Eisenberg
Hester Eisenstein
Beverly Elkan
Azi Ellowitch
Kathy Engel
Elise Engler
Tammy Farber
Marian Feinberg
Martin Feinberg
Rabbi Michael Feinberg
Frederic J. Feingold
Alan Feigenberg
Danielle Feris
Nina Felshin
Sam Finkelstein
May Fisher
Elsa First
Daniele Fogel
Ellen Friedland
Jane Friedman
Aaron Frishberg
Racheli Gai
Caroline Georges
Terri Ginsberg
Cullen Goldblatt
Frances Goldin
Carol Goldman
Kathy Goldman
Norm Goldman
Mike Golub
Beccah Golubock Watson
Bill Goodman
Linda Gordon
Ana Gordon-Loebl
Sherry Gorelick
Eric Gottesman
Cindy Greenberg
Mel Grizer
Caren Grown
Casey Hayden
Susan K. Harris
Barbara Harvey
Dina Heisler
Josh Heisler
Sally Heron
Dr. Annette Herskovits
Jane Hirschmann
Kate Hirschmann-Levy
Leta Hirschmann-Levy
Nell Hirschmann-Levy
Deborah Howard
Carol Horwitz
Julie Hurwitz
Ellen Isaacs
Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions–USA
Sonia Jaffe Robbins
Nicholas Jahr
Sharon Jaynes
Jews Against the Occupation
Jews for a Just Peace—North Carolina
Jeff Jones
Judith Joseph
Esther Kaplan
Howard Kaplan
Laura Kaplan
Barbara Kamholz
Melanie Kaye/Kantrowitz
Manfred Kirchheimer
Gayle Kirshenbaum
Judith Kolokoff
Hadassa Kosak
Dave Kotelchuck
Joel Kovel
Joyce Kozloff
Juliana Kreinik
Sam Kropak
Margaret Ratner Kunstler
Tony Kushner
Lynne Lamstein
Daniel Lang/Levitsky
Carol Lapidus
Steve Leberstein
David Lerner
Judy Lerner
Abigail Levine
Alan Levine
Aaron Levitt
Richard Levy
Stephen Levy
Pauline Lipman
Mary Ann Lewis
Mindy Lewis
Judith Loebl
Aaron Lutz-Kinoy
Kelly McCann
Jane Maisel
Lenore Malen
David L. Mandel
Aaron Mate
David Mate
Helaine Meisler
Jesse Meisler-Abramson
Hannah Mermelstein
Susan Metz
Juliet Milkens
Gail Miller
Jennifer Miller
Jon Moscow
Emma Myers
Joel Myers
Peter Myers
Jesse Alexander Myerson
Michael Myerson
Marilyn Neimark
Joan Nestle
Donna Nevel
S. Nickerson
Kathryn Nocerino
Sara Norman
Marylouise Patterson
Joy Pereths
Rosalind Petchesky
Ann Petter
Ben Pfannl
Emilia Pfannl
Howard Pflanzer
Margie Phillips
Nancy B. Phillips
Jeremy Pikser
Lee Pikser
Arianna Pioppi
Karen Platt
Jane Pleune
Jenny Polak
Ellen Raider
Michael Ratner
Shirley Rausher
Joyce Ravitz
Lea Rizack
Nancy Romer
Jesse Rosen
Karen Rosenthal
Martha Rosler
Suzanne Ross
Alice Rothchild
Frances Rothstein
Albert Ruben
Nan Rubin
Stephanie Rugoff
Leah Sapin
Carold Sanders
Mariena Santoyo
Ethan Schapira
Marjorie Scheer
Helen Schiff
Peter Schneider
Jacqueline Schoenhaus
Amy Schoenwald
Tyler Schuenemann
Paul Schulkind
Ellen Schwartz
Carole Shreefter
Ann Shirazi
Gerald Sider
Steve Shreefter
Elise Siegel
Dave Silver
Dara Silverman
Tom Siracuse
Jules Skloot
Beth Slutzky
Carol Smith
Debbie Smith
Megan Smith
Michael Smith
Alisa Solomon
Jane Spielman
Scott Spivak
Eleanor Stein
Jane Stein
Linda Stein
Beth Stephens
Karsten Struhl
Jean Stevens
Ethel Sussman
Yifat Susskind
Alice Sutter
Michael Tanzer
Hannah Temple
Elise Tollner
Rebecca Vaughan
Lanny Walter
Paul Wasserman
Terry Weber
Vanessa Weber
Len Weinglass
Carol Weinshenker
Hannah Weinstock
Adrienne Weller
Laura Whitehorn
Blanche Wiesen-Cook
Jill Williams
Alissa Wise
Rachel Farrell Wofsy
Bekah Wolf
Women in Black, Washington Heights
Enoch Wu
Dorothy Zellner
Debra Zimmerman

To add your name to this statement, e-mail

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