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Resources on Defunding the Police and Police Abolition

June 11, 2020


Jews Say No! stands with all those fighting for a just world and understands deeply that the powerful organizing taking place today against anti-Black racism and anti-Black violence reflects the long, hard, and deeply committed work of so many organizations and individuals, particularly Black activists.
We know people are receiving lots of resources, but we wanted to particularly share some that we have appreciated and learned from that focus on defunding the police and police abolition since we know many of us may be thinking seriously about these issues for the first time. We also make some suggestions of people and groups to follow, including where we can directly contribute to some of the Black-led and police and prison abolition organizing.
In solidarity,
Jews Say No!

Articles that focus on defunding the police and police abolition:

America, This is Your Chance  Michelle Alexander in the NYTimes  

 The State is Failing Black People  NYTimes  Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor

 No More Money for the Police    NYT Philip V. McHarris and Thenjiwe McHarris

Don’t Let Cops Join Our Protest The Appeal, Derecka Purnell

Police “Reforms” You Should Always Oppose   Truthout 2014 Mariame Kaba

Is Prison Necessary? NYTimes Rachel Kushner with Ruth Wilson Gilmore

Are Prisons Obsolete?  feministes-radicales by Angela Davis

Learn more about abolition  Abolition study resources

The End of Policing Verso Books Alex S. Vitale

What would it mean to ‘defund the police’?  NBC News Jon Schuppe

Organizations and individuals/websites/resources  on prison and police abolition, transformative justice, and envisioning a just future:

What are we talking about when we talk about “a police-free future?” MPD 150 A people’s project evaluating policing

MPD 150 FAQ  Frequently Asked Questions

Transform Harm

8 can’t wait coalition

Building-an-Abolitionist-Trans-Queer-Movement  Dean Spade

Critical Resistance

Survived & Punished

Black and Pink


Reclaim the Block 

Dream Defenders 

Bay Area Transformative Justice Collective

National Bail Fund Network  Contribute to local and national bail funds 

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