More Pics from WZO & JA protests

More from Daniel McCabe:

And for a slideshow by Yoji Sugaya:

One Response to “More Pics from WZO & JA protests”

  1. Mykel Board Says:

    JEWS SAY NO is like a breath of fresh air! It makes me happy to be a Jew again, after so long cringing! Remember when Jews were the GOOD GUYS in the world? It’s so sad what apparently has happened, and so good when we say no to the bullshit.

    ONE CAVEAT though: just like AmeriCANS were different from AmeriCA during the Vietnam war, and now during the (hopefully end of) Iraqi war. So Israelis are NOT Israel. We need to avoid hating Israelis, even if we detest the government. I have Israeli friends who are close to me. Some disagree with me. OK, people can disagree. But even though the Israeli government is (and has been) awful, there are many great people– Jews– there. We need to keep that in mind.

    Otherwise, GO! You’re doing a great job.


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